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Water purification is more important every day. There can be many problems with your water quality: water hardness, high iron contentsuspended solidschemical contaminations, biological contaminations, organic compoundsheavy metals, and many other contaminants.

Sometimes filtered water is a must, and the right choice of water filters is needed to be installed so it could improve the quality of your water.

When the right type of water filter is chosen, the water quality in your home is not a luxury anymore. You can forget about buying bottled water or carrying your water bottle.

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Water purification blog - Latest posts

soft water vs hard water
Soft water vs hard water - Which is better for you?
Intro Soft water vs hard water. Do You know the difference? If you want to learn more, you are on the right place. Main takeaways Soft water vs hard water? Soft water has many advantages over hard water and it can greatly improve the quality of life in your home. Soft water vs hard water main advantages – first of all, there is no limescale creation in your home, water pipes, appliances, glassware,...
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tap water safe to drink
Make your tap water safe to drink with 1 simple thing
If you want to make your tap water safe to drink, it is easier than ever. With a right choice of a tap water filter you can forget about bottled water and have your own source of fresh, filtered tap water safe to drink. How to make tap water safe to drink with tap water filters Switching from bottled water to tap water can seem like a big change that many are not ready to make. However, with today’s...
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Blog image softener installation
How to install a Water softener - 4 most important technical requirements
In this blog post you will find detailed guidelines on how to install a water softener, and all the requirements for an easy installation.
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Portable water filter and purifier
Portable Water Filter And Purifier - Why You Need One?
A portable water filter and purifier is a great thing for people always on the move. If you are often out of the house and you always want to have fresh purified water to drink, portable water filters are a right solution for you. Table of Contents [Open][Close] What is filtered water? Benefits of filtered drinking water and a portable water filter and purifier 1. Filtered water is odorless 2. Filtered...
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undersink reverse osmosis
Undersink reverse osmosis system - the best way to improve your tap water quality
Under the sink reverse osmosis systems are beside water softeners the most common way to improve water quality in your home. While water softeners are designed for whole house water treatment and mainly for appliances protection from limescale, an undersink reverse osmosis water filter is designed for point of use drinking water purification. This kind of water filters is most commonly known as RO...
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Blog image Arsenic
How to remove Arsenic in drinking water now
If You want to learn how to remove arsenic from water, keep reading. In this post we will cover many things about arsenic in water. Table of Contents [Open][Close] Arsenic in drinking water How to remove arsenic from water Arsenic in water – health hazard Long-term arsenic exposure Arsenic Under Sink Water Filter Systems (POU) Arsenic in drinking water The presence of arsenic in drinking water,...
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Blog image AC
What are activated carbon filters and their applications?
Activated carbon has become an essential component in industry, including medical, cosmetic and agricultural uses. It is also a very important component in water filtration systems.
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Microplastics in water and how to remove them
Microplastics in water – a worldwide problem Microplastics and plastic waste do not only pollute the world’s oceans and seas. Billions of people and marine animals (like sea turtles) take these invisible tiny plastic particles into their bodies every day. Table of Contents [Open][Close] Microplastics in water – a worldwide problem Where do microplastics come from and how dangerous...
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Blog image hoe to soften water
How to remove water hardness with salt based water softener systems?
Water hardness - what is it? We often talk about water of different qualities in our daily life and very often we are faced with certain problems caused by hard water.
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Water purification blog
How do water softeners work - 5 regeneration phases to solve limescale problems right now
Intro to water softening systems and how do water sofeners work How do water softeners work is an important question before you decide to install one in your home and protect your water heaters, boilers, faucets, bathtubs, reverse osmosis system, and all other home appliances connected to a hard water supply. Keep reading, and you will learn how do water softeners work, and about all the phases and...
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Drinking water
Reverse osmosis systems - improve drinking water quality now
Drinking water quality improvement doesn't need to be expensive. Reverse osmosis systems for domestic use are intended for the purification of small amounts of drinking water.
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limescale problems
Limescale Problems - How To Solve Them Now
Limescale problems and how to solve them now is a question for over 85% of households. Limescale problems can have a big impact on the quality of life. Read through and see how a water softener can solve all these problems right now.  Table of Contents [Open][Close] What is the cause of limescale? Hard water – limescale problems you might have How do you know if you have hard...
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Blog image Water
Water - the 20 most Interesting Facts
Here are jus a few of the most interesting facts about water. Although it has no nutritional value, water is a liquid essential to our life. We could not function without it, and the daily recommended amount that should be drunk is eight glasses. Here are some interesting facts about this precious liquid that you may not know. Water- life wouldn’t be possible without it Water facts Sea water...
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Blog image domestic softeners
Whole House Water Softeners in 2022 - solve limescale problems now!
Whole house water softener – do you need it? Table of Contents [Open][Close] Whole house water softener – do you need it? What kind of problems hard water makes? What is the solution to hard water problems? Advantages of softened water What kind of whole house water softeners are there on the market? Salt based whole house water softeners Single tank whole house water softeners Dual tank...
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iron deposits
Iron in Water- how to remove it now
Iron in water at elevated levels is one of the most common elements that cause a problem with the quality of well water. Besides water hardness problems, iron is the next most frequent problem makers. From cloudy drinking water to orange-brown deposits on toilets, bathtubs, and sinks, iron leaves traces, stains, and an unpleasant taste in water. Iron deposits on pipe walls Table of Contents [Open][Close]...
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Who am I?

My name is Miroslav Radovanovic and I am a water treatment specialist that works as a technical manager in industrial and domestic water treatment for over 25 years. I want to use my knowledge and practical experience to get people to know more about water purification and water quality.

You can find more about me on my LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/miroslavradovanovic

Water is my passion and in this blog I will write about water purification, from mechanical filtration, activated carbon filters, water softeners, to reverse osmosis and chlorine dioxide disinfection. Also, you will find posts about industrial water treatment systems, and portable filters that help you purify surface water outdoors.