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Improve your drinking water quality with domestic reverse osmosis systems

Water quality improvement doesn’t need to be expensive. Reverse osmosis systems for domestic use are intended for the purification of small amounts of drinking water. Some models are also equipped with a booster pump and are an ideal solution in places where the water supply pressure is weaker. The built-in booster pump increases the efficiency of the device and its maximum capacity.

What is reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis removes contaminants from water as it passes through the semipermeable membrane by pressure. Water flows from the more concentrated side of the RO membrane to the less concentrated side, providing clean drinking water. The fresh water produced is called permeate. The remaining concentrated water is called concentrate.

Advantages of domestic reverse osmosis systems

– maintenance is very simple and economical

– the systems are small and easily portable

– the replacement of all elements can be done by the user himself with the detailed instructions provided with the device

– devices without booster pumps do not require an electrical supply

– reverse osmosis systems remove 95 – 98% of all ingredients from the water

– reverse osmosis is the most affordable high tech water filtration available

Reverse osmosis systems maintenance

Device maintenance consists of a periodic replacement of its elements: pre-filters, post-filter, and RO membrane. The device and tank should be periodically disinfected so that the system always provides microbiologically safe water.

Servicing of the system is a periodic replacement of the pre-filters (every 6 – 8 months), RO membrane (2 – 4 years), post filter with active carbon (once a year), and remineralizer (every second service). Periodic disinfection of the device is also of a great importance, which can be done simply by adding chlorine dioxide solution during regular servicing.

Where is a reverse osmosis system installed?

The most common place for installation is under sink. If your under sink space is too precious, there are also counter top systems. There is a wide range of different reverse osmosis systems with different designs so you can easily find the one that suits your needs.

So, is it any good?

Yes, domestic reverse osmosis systems are great to improve the quality of your water quality. They are easy to install, easy to use, easy for maintenance.

Which domestic reverse osmosis systems are the best?

There are many manufacturers and systems on the market. But, as always, there are smaller and sometimes more significant differences between systems on the market.

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SMART Under Sink Water Filter System

SMART Under Sink Water Filter System from Crystal Quest reduces or removes contaminants such as chlorine & heavy metals from tap water to offer the freshest taste to you. The perfect solution for any household, this water filter system is quick and easy to install and use, attractive, and convenient.

This solid state water filter uses the latest technologies that blend the adsorption capabilities of coconut shell activated carbon with Eagle Redox Alloy® and more.

  • Installs easily under the sink.
  • Comes with a faucet and all necessary installation hardware.
  • Conveniently provides 10,000 gallons of water (1-3 years, or when the flow of water will automatically either stop or slow down greatly.)
  • Great for homes, apartments or office use.

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