Reverse osmosis water tank

Reverse osmosis water tank – why is it important

What is a reverse osmosis water tank?

Reverse osmosis water tank is one of the main elements of an under sink reverse osmosis system and its main purpose is to act as a purified water storage.

Why is a reverse osmosis water tank so important?

As the production of a reverse osmosis system is fairly slow, the importance of a reverse osmosis water tank is so much bigger.

The most common reverse osmosis systems for domestic drinking water purification are producing around 2 gal of purified water per hour. This is a small flow rate, almost drop by drop producing rate of purified water.

It would be very annoying to wait to fill up a glass of water drop by drop…

This is where the importance of a reverse osmosis water tank comes in. When in operation, the reverse osmosis system slowly fills the purified water tank. Only when the tank is full the reverse osmosis stops with producing water.

reverse osmosis water tank
Reverse osmosis water tank – RO purified water storage

As soon as even a small amount of water is used from the tank, the RO system immediately goes into operation to fill it up again.

This way you always have a full tank of purified water ready to use.

How does it work?

The purified water tank has a rubber membrane inside and it is filled with air. When the RO system produces purified water it is directed to the tank.

When the purified water faucet is opened the water from the tank is pushed by the air in the tank.

Immediately the RO system starts producing water to fill up the tank again.

This way the water flow is much higher than the purified water production. The whole volume of the tank can be used.

How long does it take to fill up the purified water tank

It really depends on few parameters. Reverse osmosis membrane type and capacity, inlet water pressure, reverse osmosis water tank volume determine the speed of tank filling.

For the most common under sink reverse osmosis systems about 1 hour is the time it needs to fill the tank.

Purified water tank disinfection

A water tank disinfection should be done once a year. It can be done during a regular maintenance of the system. It is very important to keep the whole system microbiologically clean and it should be done with the complete system disinfection.

The whole procedure of disinfecting the purified water tank will be available in a short time in our new post.

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