Water softener service cycle

Water softener service cycle – find out how water flows through a water softener

What is the water softener service cycle

The water softener service cycle is it’s working cycle when it it changes hard water into soft water.

Water softeners are the only way to remove hardness and solve all your limescale problems.

Water flow during the water softener service cycle

Hard water comes to the water softener inlet connection. Then it goes through the automatic control valve.

In service cycle the control valve directs the water so it goes through the upper screen to the top of the ion exchange vessel. Now the water flows downwards around the central tube, through the bed of ion exchange resin.

While flowing through the resin bed and around the resin beads it is getting softened. The resin collects all Calcium and Magnesium from the incoming water and replaces them both with Sodium.

While passing through the bed, first the upper layers of the resin are getting exhausted. Near the end of the working cycle the complete resin bed is exhausted and it needs to be regenerated for a new service cycle.

You can read more about water softener regeneration cycle in this post.

Now the water is softened and all Calcium and Magnesium are converted to Sodium, it flows towards the lower distributor. All the soft water now goes through the distributor and flows through the central pipe up to the control valve.

Water softener service cycle
Water softener connections and turbine position on
Autotrol 255 control valves

In the control valve soft water is now directed to the outlet connection.

At the outlet connection soft water flows through a flow meter turbine that gives flow information to the controller.

Now the soft water is ready foe consumption in your home or in some industrial applications.

Control valve during the water softener service cycle

The control valve gets the flow information from the water meter turbine at it’s outlet connection port. It calculates the signal from the turbine and shows information over the controllers display.

Most often the information on the display is alternating between current water flow and remaining soft water capacity until regeneration.

whole house water softener

Whole House Water Softener with Pre/Post Filters

Automatic whole house water softener

  • 20” sediment cartridge that removes sediment, silt, sand, and dirt
  • Ion exchange water softener, 48,000-grain capacity, service flow: 9-11 GPM
  • 20” solid carbon cartridge for removing volatile organic carbon compounds (VOCs), insecticides, pesticides and industrial solvents

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