Does a water softener use a lot of electricity

Does a water softener use a lot of electricity?

A water softener must be connected to an electrical power outlet, but does a water softener use a lot of electricity?

No. A water softener uses a very small amount of electrical power, almost negligible.

Why Does a Water Softener Use Electricity?

Almost every water softener needs electrical power to operate. The electrical power is needed for the control valve, to power it’s microprocessor controller.

The microprocessor controller manages the fully automatic operation of the water softener, water flow tracking and regeneration.

Does a water softener use a lot of electricity?
Autotrol water softener electrical connection

When Does a Water Softener Use the Most Electricity?

The highest electrical consumption is during the regeneration cycle. In fact, the highest consumption is during advancing from one phase of regeneration to the next phase.

At this time an electrical motor is engaged that puts the control valve into a coresponding phase.

The power of this motor is around 3 or 5 W, and it’s operation takes only about a few seconds.

So, the regeneration cycle is the time when the water softener uses the most electrical power, but this amount is very, very small.

What Happens if the Water Softener Loses Electrical Power?

If the water softener loses electrical power, it will stay in the cycle or phase that it was before the disruption. This should not make any big problems, unless the power outage is too long.

During the power outage the softener will provide water as usual.

The water softener will continue with it’s normal operation when the power returns.

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