Portable water filter and purifier

Portable Water Filter And Purifier – Why You Need One?

A portable water filter and purifier is a great thing for people always on the move. If you are often out of the house and you always want to have fresh purified water to drink, portable water filters are a right solution for you.

There is a really wide range of portable water filters and water purifiers on the market, but how to choose the right one for you?

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Water Pitcher Filter System from Crystal Quest

Portable water filter and purifier
Portable water filter and purifier

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Faucet Mount 6 Stages Water Filter System

Faucet Mount Water Filter System
Faucet Mount Water Filter System

What is filtered water?

Filtered water is tap water that has been purified so that it’s quality is improved. How the water is filtered depends on the type of filtration system. These water filters can include domestic pitcher filters, under sink or counter top reverse osmosis systems, distillation, and activated carbon filters.

Benefits of filtered drinking water and a portable water filter and purifier

1. Filtered water is odorless

Have you ever noticed a strange smell coming from your tap water? Municipalities add chlorine to keep the water microbiologically safe.

Filtered water removes all contaminants from the water, including chlorine and other contaminants. You can pour water into a tall glass and you won’t smell it!

2. Filtered water is healthy

Filtration and water purification removes certain chemical and physical particles that are not good for human health. Herbicides and pesticides used in agriculture wash into lakes and rivers when it rains. The filtration process can remove even these tiny, harmful particles.

However, natural water contains healthy minerals that are good for the body, the right choice of a water filter is important, so you remove only the items that you don’t need in your drinking water.

3. Filtered water tastes great

If tap water tastes OK, imagine how much better filtered water tastes because it has removed many contaminants.

tap water filter

Home Master HM MINI Mini Sink top Water Filter

Mini Filter that makes tap water safe to drink

Faucet Filters – you know they clean-up tap water effectively, but why the short filter life? 

Full sized countertop filters like the Home Master Jr. deliver long filter life, but do they have to be so big?

Perfect for tiny houses, shared spaces, travel, dorm rooms and flexible living.

Home Master® Mini features all the performance and long life of a full-sized countertop filter, at the price of a faucet filter. It delivers a full year’s worth of filtered water for all your drinking, cooking, pet watering and veggie washing needs. Go ahead and use it. 

NSF Certified Filter • BPA Free • Made in USA

Typical filter life: 1500 gallons or 1 year

4. Enjoy fresh filtered water when you need It

One of the greatest benefits of filtered water is that you get it exactly when you need it. No need to buy in bulk to keep stock and never run out.

Pollution-free drinking water is available at the push of a button or lever or strait from a sip from a water pitcher. Fill your pitchers with water so your guests can easily refill their glasses, and keep a portable water bottle handy so you can take filtered water with you wherever you go. Some people like to keep a fridge full of refillable bottles. If you like cold water, this is a great way to have it exactly when you want it.

And you won’t ever run out of fresh drinking water, especially if you carry a water bottle that you filled with filtered water.

5. Filtered water is budget-friendly

The cost of a filtration system may seem high at first, but it quickly becomes a money-saving investment in the short term.

Bottled vs Filtered Water

The answer is easy. Filtered water is almost always better than bottled or tap water.

Portable water filter and purifier

Water Pitcher Filter System from Crystal Quest

This large capacity ultimate pitcher provides clean, great-tasting water conveniently, waiting and chilled in your refrigerator.

Step 1: Eagle Redox Alloy® 6500, removing or reducing chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals.

Step 2: Eagle Redox Ally® 9500 removes or reduces iron and hydrogen sulfide from municipal or other water supplies.

Step 3: The ion exchange resin reduces heavy metals such copper, Zinc, aluminum and water hardness.

Step 4: Coconut Shell Granulated activated carbon and Catalytic activated carbon reduces chlorine, chloramine, bad tastes, and odors, reduces pesticides (lindane, atrazine and 2, 4-D) and chemicals that are linked to cancer risk (benzene, TTHMs, and toxaphene).

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